Quality since 1917

The Beginning


On July 10, 1917, Carl Dölker founded the Carl Dölker Korsettfabrik in Gomaringen on the edge of the Swabian Alps, which later adopted the name of its brand: NATURANA. Women's needs in terms of fit, comfort and quality have been NATURANA's priority from day one.

Naturana since 1917

The 1920s
....and the invention of the bra



In the 1920s, many women still wore corsets. To adapt their fit to the anatomy of his customers, Carl Dölker had his seamstresses work to measure.

However, the first revolution in lingerie fashion had already begun - and NATURANA played an active role in its development and spread: The invention of the bra.

The female body was liberated from its straightjacket, the classic corset, which was often laced to the point of fainting.

Carl Dölker, who expanded his factory in 1922, had his first brand names speak for the trend toward a natural silhouette: The products were named Natura and Naturalis


1920s – The invention of the bra replaces the corset BHs

Between 1920 and 1930, the restrictive corset with its boning fell more and more out of fashion. In time, NATURANA helped banish it into the closet completely.

The 1930s
Natural fit – classic and feminine



The "NATURANA" brand was created in 1932.
The year before, Carl and Gerhard, the sons of company founder, joined the company that is still under the family's ownership.

Then and now, the corporate philosophy is based on the concept of everyday comfort and purposefully attractive price points.

Success: In the 1930s, NATURANA employed up to 600 people in Gomaringen.


1930s – The Naturana brand is born

The Naturana brand is born


The 1950s
The Wirtschaftswunder Years



Production numbers for voluptuous shapes and round-seam brassieres were booming at NATURANA.

In 1950, Gerhard Dölker Sr. took over management of the company. NATURANA expanded and produced in 48 sewing facilities between the Danube and the Black Forest.


1950s – The Wirtschaftswunder

The 1960s
More elasticity = more comfort



New, innovative materials, such as Elastane, and the use of elastic thread for straps and trims revolutionized the wearability and look of lingerie fashions.

Naturana makes use of the new fabrics for the benefit of millions of women.

Gerhard Dölker Jr., the grandson of the company founder, took on leadership of the company.


1960s – New materials, such as Elastane, revolutionize lingerie fashions

The 1970s
All bare or practically invisible


Parallel to the liberation of the body, bras became more discreet, figure-hugging or even transparent. With the "Star", a bra style with a crossed front, NATURANA went for comfort and a perfect fit.

In Germany, Marlene Charell, an entertainment star, presented the "Star", which is one of the company's bestsellers to this day.

In 1973, NATURANA launched their first swimwear collection.


1970er– Entertainer Marlene Charell wears the Naturana "Star"

A star is born..

The 1980s
Natural beauty or seductive elegance


Wellness was the creed of the 1980s. The new consciousness for physical wellbeing is reflected in natural fabrics and functional cuts, but also in a touch of glamourous elegance.

1980s – Natural beauty

The 1990s
Innovative fabrics


Development efforts result in breathable fabrics, such as microfibre. NATURANA was one of the first German manufacturers to use these new materials.

1990s – New innovative fabrics

The 2000s
High-tech for underneath


The NATURANA Minimizer is a hit with women around the world. New technologies allow the production of seamless bras. The result: Even more comfort.

2000s – High-tech for underneath


Today, NATURANA combines innovation and creativity with almost 100 years of experience in lingerie design. Functionality and excellent fit are our top priorities. Every day, our goal is to offer the wearers of our products a little more quality of life, comfort and beauty. Often, little details, functional sophistication and hidden special features not obvious at first glance offer more comfort and wellness with everyday wear.


Today – 100 years of Naturana